The first session requires building a personalized Cash Dash. It will tell us your:

  • Current net worth including all debts and assets and liquidity
  • Monthly expenses to the dollar
  • next 12 months based on known expenses

I do it all using Apache OpenOffice Calc which is absolutely free, easy to learn and compatible with all other spreadsheet software, including Google Documents. At the end of session I upload the custom Cash Dash spreadsheet to the client. It’s yours from then on.

  • Do you get dinged by creditors for late payments?
  • Do you forget to pay bills on time?
  • Do you experience cash shortages despite having a reasonable income?
  • Are you running multiple lines of credit and have difficulty keeping track?
  • Do you feel uncertain when spending?

You won’t once you have the Cash Dash.

The Cash Dash organizes and schedules all your finances. Bills get paid on time in the correct amount. Spending money is clearly laid out. Every expense gets tracked to the dollar.

  • It’s so powerful, you can see your entire year at a glance
  • It’s easier than using pen and paper
  • You can access it from anywhere using Google Documents

The Cash Dash is your personalized tool for life. I will tune it to your needs and teach you how to use it, modify it and expand it to include any item of debt or income. Not only will you always know your bottom line, you’ll see what the effects of your spending decisions have on the future.

I charge $150.00 per person per month.

It includes:

  • A Monthly meeting and consultation
  • A personalized Cash Dash build
  • Intermediate Accounting and Personal Finance
  • 30-Day Email Support

This is a focused skill-set that promotes permanent self-sufficiency. It is a true innovation of free tools and education.

You will see the future.

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