THE FLCV Difference

I teach my clients a life-skill in a way no one else can offer: how to create your own financial schedule, modify it and make future predictions on the fly. You can see your entire fiscal year at a glance. You can extend the predictions as far in the future as you like.

You will become your own accountant and master the art of tracking  daily expenses.

I teach my clients how to use existing free technology. You will never have to pay for software. You will gain skills and knowledge with Open Office and Google Documents. These are all the tools you will ever need. And you can access them from anywhere!

I guide my clients through up to a year of managing their resources with minimal overhead. We will have monthly check-ins, but you can email me questions at any time and receive a reply within 24 hours.

We begin with the use of the spreadsheet. From there, we address the behavioral component. Over a period of up to a year, we look at each month’s progress and then each quarter’s progress.

We will discuss the strategies and philosophies involved in personal finance in real-time, as the events unfold.

By the end of the year, you will be an expert at managing finances and you will be well-prepared to begin making your first investments.

The 3 basic steps of personal finance are: Earn, Save, Invest

And they can only happen in that order.

I will teach you how to measure and predict your success. Together we will remove all doubts about your future and eliminate unnecessary expenses.