The FLCV Method

We’re different from the traditional financial institution in that we cost a lot, lot less and what we focus on is the basic money management skills that enable long-term stability.

We don’t try to rope you into costly consultations, or sell you life insurance or investments. Financial planners charge between $100 and $320 per hour for their services. Or, between $2000 and $3000 for a project. Basically, they only serve the wealthy.

We’re a little bit educator, a little bit counselor and a little bit financial planner.

This is the traditional route:

(1) determine your current financial situation
(2) develop financial goals
(3) identify alternative courses of action
(4) evaluate alternatives
(5) create and implement a financial action plan, and
(6) reevaluate and revise the plan

We improve on that process.

We build and customize a spreadsheet that contains all your expenses for a year (longer or shorter if need be).

We teach you the basics of accounting. Remember, accountability is the essence of control. Knowing what you spend and why is the main requirement for future success.

Once the client is comfortably using that skillset/knowledge, their customized spreadsheet (Cash Dash) can then accurately predict their financial future.

Every step is included in this process. The power is in the hands of client. Less time and way, way less money spent.

Saving money is EASY. You just need a plan and a tool and a little bit of sound advice. You don’t need to spend hundred and thousands of dollars to achieve this.

Welcome to Financial Literacy & Consulting in Victoria.