brown bag of groceriesManaging grocery expenses is a critical skill because it has a lot of variability and human dietary requirements can be quite fickle. Becoming an expert at the supermarket leads to becoming an expert in the kitchen. Diet and nutrition affect all aspects of life. This is a pillar of time, money and energy management.

Here’s a starter strategy.

Establish a monthly budget – $10/day grocery allowance:

  • know your local supermarkets
  • comparison shop
  • take advantage of deals and specials
  • bulk prices on rice, potatoes and pasta
  • daily specials on proteins
  • only purchase items on sale
  • enjoy cooking – take time every week to practice
  • cook large portions and store them away
  • keep 3-6+ meals stocked in the fridge – never go hungry
  • stretch that $10 as far as it will go every day!

One of the upsides to this plan is that it forces you to buy healthy food. It will be convenient to implement that new diet. $10 buys a daily feast of basic vegetables and low-cost proteins. A collection of spices, sauces and oils will really improve the culinary experience!

They say 6-pack abs are made in the kitchen. Well guess what – savings accounts are built here too!