My name is Cimarron Benjamin. I decided to start my own consulting business in financial literacy partially because I am an entrepreneur at heart, but also because I feel that the financial industry is severely lacking in fiduciary responsibility.

When I was a college student, I was inundated with offers from predatory creditors who knew that student loans alone aren’t enough to support even a modest student lifestyle.

By the end of my final year at college, I had over $85,000 in student loans and $13,000 in credit card debt. I was running 6 lines of credit, all with terrible interest rates. I was struggling to make minimum payments every month just to avoid the predatory late fees. I did not live an extravagant lifestyle – I didn’t even have a vehicle half the time. I lived on Kraft Dinner and no-name beer, like any other student and I was working as much as possible. This is the reality of education for students without any other support.

This is also the reality of the majority of Canadians. 75% of all Canadians are in debt with an average balance of $16,000 owed.

Here I am, 10 years later, a graduate in Communications and Business Administration. I’m an expert in managing credit card debt, budgeting and the discipline of personal finance. I gained my skills through practice and success. I currently have no credit card debt and I live a better lifestyle while working less than I did as a student.

The truth is, financial stability isn’t that difficult to achieve. In the same way that diet and exercise are a discipline, money management is very similar. They both require initial sacrifice, but as the benefits start to shine through, they become easier to manage. Eventually the benefits become so rewarding one cannot imagine a life without them.

I’m here to help you achieve financial stability and growth through proper planning and management. I can teach you the tools and show you the discipline to make your future a debt-free reality.