Frequently asked questions:

How does spending money on your service save me money?

Education is an investment. Managing debt with our tools and guidance will be faster and easier. Avoiding bad debts further down the line will save you thousands of dollars. Investing early will add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of a life-time. We might even save you money on your tax return today.

Why wouldn’t I go to a bank or a CPA or a CFP for these services?

Caveat emptor. The industry doesn’t teach money management skills. They make money off interest and sales. To them, the less you know, the better.

Isn’t there some kind of accreditation or legal requirement to becoming a financial advisor?

Actually, no, not in Canada, except for Quebec. There is a licensing fee and the Canadian Securities Course requirement to sell financial products and insurance, but you don’t need any education or legal permits whatsoever to become a financial advisor.

What makes you an expert in financial advice?

I was a finance student struggling with nearly $100,000.00 in combined debts. I lived and breathed financial problems. I am the real deal when it comes to solving them. I have real world experience and a legitimate business education.

Why don’t I just find a spreadsheet template and start doing this all myself?

Be our guest! If you feel our site inspired you in any way, feel free to drop off a donation via Paypal. Or join the site as a member and post to our forums. We’d love to hear your stories.

Doesn’t budgeting mean I’m going to have to give up the things I love?

Your priorities will be identified. We will look at your income versus your spending and eliminate the least useful expenses. You will not have to give up the things you love most – just the things that give the least utility for the dollar.

I’m not in debt. Why would I need this service?

Great! Glad to hear it. So, do you have your $2-$3M invested yet? Because, ultimately, you’re saving for retirement. That can take 30 years or longer. The sooner you start, the better off you will be.

I’m a student and I have no money. I’d love some help but how do I afford anything on my impossible budget?

Our prices aren’t very steep. Show your parents the website, or book an appointment at the beginning of the semester. Our Student Pro Tips will save you over $100 per semester guaranteed and we can do your tax return during the session for no extra charge.

What is a Cash Dash?

The Cash Dash is a special spreadsheet that allows you to see your current, past and present state of finances. It is the centerpiece of the skill set we teach. Using the tool reinforces the informed decision-making skills necessary to achieve financial stability.

So if I just sit at home and use the Cash Dash, I will become a millionaire?

Sadly, no. You still need an income greater than your minimum cost of living. However, your minimum cost of living is what will change the most dramatically when you start to apply informed decision-making to your finances.

Anyone can make a spreadsheet. How is any of this going to get me out of debt?

We’ll get you using the spreadsheet at a educated level and give you the counseling you need to make the best decisions possible. This is how it all starts.