Monitor Your Wealth with the Cash Dash

The Cash Dash is a Financial Dashboard.

It’s a spreadsheet designed to show your monthly expenses and financial progress for an entire year at a glance. It is a powerful tool for tracking personal finance.

Designed using modern accounting principles, then optimized for personal use, the Cash Dash provides a financial history and future forecast with minimal upkeep.

The Cash Dash uses a table of expenses linked to variable accounts to generate an accurate floating balance after any expense or income update. It has a monthly payment tracking table and eye-friendly colors.

Use it to predict a year in advance. Know exactly how far cash and credit will last, or conversely, how long until reaching the next savings goal.

The Cash Dash allows the user to focus on attaining goals. Observable day-to-day, month-by-month progress is critical for motivating success. The Cash Dash is a fully customizable balance sheet that doubles as a journal and heads up display.

Work easier. Worry less. Capture greater value from your money. Be in control of finance and future alike.

Never be caught blind-sided by your finances again.

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