Money_management_vmonetkeServing people with regular incomes for long-term financial stability.

 I don’t sell life insurance or manage investments.

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You can manage your finances yourself using my template and video lectures simply and easily.

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I provide fee-based consultations in:

  • bookkeeping and personal finance
  • credit card debtconsult1
  • short-term savings and liquidity
  • student loans
  • taxes
  • preparation for long-term investment

I offerprofessional-advisors-man hands-on budgeting, spreadsheet building, and money management counseling tuned for the individual client in a sales-free environment.


I can also file and help you better understand your taxes.


At Financial Literacy Victoria, I educate my clients about the financial pitfalls most Canadians fall into. I offer mentorship in budgeting and prioritization.

Together, we foresee the financial future and create informed decisions.

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